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About Us

Konex Lifts stands out as one of the leading providers of comprehensive vertical transport solutions. We specialize in the production, installation, maintenance, and modernization of elevators, showcasing excellence in every aspect of the vertical transport industry. Our Konex elevators are prominently featured in a wide range of settings, from residential and commercial spaces to hospitals. We take pride in being a ubiquitous presence, ensuring our elevators are found here, there, and everywhere. Our commitment to top-notch service, coupled with our expertise in elevators, makes us the go-to choice for clients seeking reliable and efficient vertical transport solutions. Whether it's for new installations or upgrading existing systems, we are dedicated to Konex Lifts | High Rise Lifts Service and sales enhancing accessibility and safety in every property we serve.


vacume lift
  • Comprehensive Expertise: Elevator production, installation, maintenance  end-to-end solutions ensuring excellence in vertical transport for your needs.

  • Versatile Applications: Trusted elevators in homes, offices, hospitals—adaptable solutions for diverse environments, ensuring reliability everywhere.

  • Ubiquitous Presence: Elevators everywhere—we're committed to widespread accessibility, making vertical transport solutions conveniently available for you.

  • Safety and Reliability: Highest safety standards, reliable solutions—peace of mind and secure vertical transportation guaranteed.

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